Swim Spas

Grand Traverse Leisure is your local Swim Spa dealer offering to of the most popular swim spa brands, Dimension One and Cal Spas. We have swim spas that offer all of the great benefits at the convenience of your own home. Call or visit Grand Traverse Leisure today!

Dimension One Spas Swim Spa | AquaFit

The AquaFIT swim spa line is created to integrate exercise and fun into one! Improve your quality of life through swimming, stretching, rowing, jogging, relaxing, and playing. Get your own Dimension One AquaFIT swim spa for a personal gym and pool all in one.

Find the right AquaFIT model for your family! Dimension One has a variety of swim spas to fit your needs, including:

  • AquaFIT PLAY
  • AquaFIT PRO
  • AquaFIT PLUS

Cal Spas Swim Spa | Swim Pro

The ultimate work out experience in your own back yard! The Swim Pro Swim & Fitness Spa gets you the complete aquatic exercise experience. The precision-engineered spas offer resistance swimming against a custom current, adjusted to your speed and ability. Own your swim spa and feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Cal Spas offers a variety of Swim Spa models, including:

  • Fitness Swim Spa
  • Swim Pro Swim Spa
  • Freestyle Swim Spa
  • Champion Swim Spa
  • Olympian Swim Spa
  • Commander Swim Spa