Fireplace Designs

Personalized Fireplaces

Grand Traverse Leisure in Traverse City will design a personalized wood, pellet, or gas fireplace for your home and family. Choose your color, your material, and whether you want wood, stove, or gas fireplace. Our professionals will help you through every step of the fireplace design process to ensure your fireplace is created to your needs.

Before and After

Grand Traverse Leisure Fireplace Design Grand Traverse Leisure Finished Fireplace Design
Fireplace Custom Design - Before Grand Traverse Leisure Custom Fireplace Design - After Grand Traverse Leisure












Wood, Gas, Pellet... OH MY!

Grand Traverse Leisure professionals can help you decide what fireplace is best for you and your home. Have questions? Contact our team directly! We look forward to assisting you in finding the fireplace for you and your family.

Wood Products

-Wood Inserts
Warm your home with the ambiance only wood can provide! Wood inserts are great because they fit within the firebox of a masonry fireplace. Our designs range of styles and sizes to fit an existing stone or brick, or factory-built fireplace.
-Wood Stoves

Want a fireplace that is more efficient and can provide 3 times the heat and use 1/3 less firewood? A wood stove is for you! Our designs will make a statement in any room or fit seamlessly with your current decor.

-Wood Fireplaces

Looking for natural fire with the latest wood-burning technology? You've found it! We carefully design our wood fireplaces to create airflow around the wood that provides fire that burns wood completely. Produce efficient heat for your home with little ash and low emissions.

Gas Products

-Gas Inserts

Get rid of your drafty fireplace and save money by installing a consistent and controllable gas insert. Turn down the furnace and warm up by your gas insert, even during power outages. 

-Gas Stoves

Gas stoves offer the ambiance of freestanding wood stoves with the convenience of gas. Clean and modern, or timeless and traditional — we have the gas stove design to fit your home.

Pellet Products

-Pellet Inserts & Stoves

Our pellet inserts and pellet stoves offer an environmentally friendly way to heat your home and save money. These pellet inserts and pellet stoves are built to last and create quiet, efficient, and cost-effective heat.