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What is Hydrotherapy?

"The external use of water in the medical treatment of certain diseases, conditions, and ailments."

Hydrotherapy is that act of water treating sore muscles, stress, diabetes, arthritis, and more! Portable hot tubs provide excellent tools for hydrotherapy.

Personalized & Customized

There is no better hydrotheryapy spa than a hydrotherapy spa customized to fit your needs perfectly. Personalize your spa for optimal results with Bullfrog Spa and the JetPak Therapy system.

Ancient Methods

As one of the oldest forms of medical treatments, historical records show the treatment of ailments, diseases, and pain with hot water has been effective for centuries. In our modern times, hydrotherapy, including hydro spas, hot tubs, hydro pools, and whirlpools, are used in sports medicine, mental health, and physical therapy.

Grand Traverse Leisure is a local retailer for hydrotherapy hot tubs and spas. Call our professionals or visit our showroom to find the spa to fit your needs!

Real User Results

Whitney Carson, professional dancer and winner of Dancing with the Stars, uses her Bullfrog Spa to heal her body. Using a Bullfrog Spa has been the most effective form of recovery for Whitney Carson. Listen to her full testimonial by watching the video below.

Peaceful Body. Peaceful Mind. Peaceful Home.