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Why Get A Spa?

A spa may be expensive, but if you look at the long-term benefits of it, you could say it's definitely worth it!   Improve your outdoor experience with a spa from Grand Traverse Leisure! We carry high-quality spas with a variety of technologies to fit any need. Your new spa from Grand Traverse Leisure will provide […]


What is Hydrotherapy? "The external use of water in the medical treatment of certain diseases, conditions, and ailments." Hydrotherapy is the act of water treating sore muscles, stress, diabetes, arthritis, and more! Portable hot tubs provide excellent tools for hydrotherapy. Personalized & Customized There is no better hydrotherapy spa than a hydrotherapy spa customized to […]

Hot Tub Therapy

Can Hot Tubs Help Heal Injuries? There are many reasons to love your new spa—it’s relaxing, comfortable, a way to escape, and more. But did you know it can also aid in the healing process for certain types of injuries? If used in moderation and with the correct water temperature and duration, hot tubs can […]