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What To Consider When Installing A Hot Tub?

Relaxing in your own personal spa or hot tub can be the best way to end a busy day. However, before you set up your new spa, here are some installation tips you may want to consider.  Permit Requirements  Some homeowners’ associations (HOAs) or zoning officials may have specific regulations about where you can install […]

Hot Tub / Spa Tips

Our team of industry experts is excited to be your primary dealer on many of the top brands in the hot tub industry including Bullfrog Spas, Artesian Spas, and Michigan-Made Viking Spas. Learn more about product care below. Check back often for tips, or send us your questions. Hot Tub Filters Hot tub filters help to keep your hot tub […]

5 Easy Steps To Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

If you want to enjoy your new hot tub for as many years as possible, regular hot tub maintenance is required. Luckily, hot tubs aren’t nearly as much work as many people think. All you need is the right tools to add small habits to your normal hot tub routine.  Why Is Hot Tub Maintenance […]

Hot Tub Buying Guide

Owning a spa is like having your own personal self-care retreat. Hot tubs provide many health and well-being benefits and are perfect for relaxing year-round.  Once you decide to invest in a new hot tub, choosing the right one can be a big task with many important factors to consider. We created this buying guide […]

Hot Tub Installation Requirements

Electrical and Plumbing Requirements for Hot Tub Installation Are you thinking of buying a hot tub for your backyard oasis? We think that’s an amazing idea, but before you can enjoy the soothing waters of your new spa from Grand Traverse Leisure, it’s essential to understand the electrical and plumbing requirements involved in the installation process.  […]

Hot Tub Safety

Hot Tub Safety: Your Guide to Relaxing with Peace of Mind Whether you're soaking in the warm waters with friends, enjoying a romantic evening with a loved one, or simply unwinding after a long day, hot tubs provide a therapeutic experience like no other. However, to truly enjoy the benefits of your hot tub, it's […]

Cleaning and Winterizing Your Hot Tub: A Northern Michigan Guide

Hot tubs are a great addition to any home, offering relaxation and therapeutic benefits year-round. However, as the temperatures drop and winter approaches, it's essential to properly clean and winterize your hot tub to ensure it remains in excellent condition and ready for use when the warmer months return. Grand Traverse Leisure is here to guide […]