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Design Studio


Brrrr! When northern Michigan winter is in full force, it's not too late for you to upgrade to a custom fireplace. Grand Traverse Leisure in Traverse City is the place to go for all of your fireplace needs. Our professionals understand every home is unique, so your fireplace should be unique as well. With our Design Studio, you select all of your details from the color theme, the materials, and the type of gas, wood, or pellet fireplace. Then, sit back and relax as our skilled fireplace design professionals put together YOUR masterpiece.

Custom Fireplace Design

When you visit our design studio in Traverse City, you'll find new and creative ideas for creating your custom fireplace design! Whether your home is traditional, modern, contemporary, transitional, rustic, or something in between, our Design Studio Kiosk has the tools needed to create a custom design specific to your home and setting.

Our Traverse City Design Studio is your place to see, feel, and imagine endless elegant fireplace and stove options!  Stop by today and let our seasoned professionals help craft the custom fireplace design solution of your dreams.

Custom Fireplace Design Studio for Grand Traverse Leisure Fireplaces in the Studio of Grand Traverse Leisure

Regency Wood Burning Fire place at Grand Traverse Leisure Burning Fireplace at Grand Traverse Leisure

Fireplace Display in wall Fireplace at Grand Traverse Leisure Fireplace Display at Grand Traverse Leisure

Fireplace Display models at Grand Traverse Leisure Custom Fireplace Design Show Room at Grand Traverse Leisure

Custom Fireplace Display room at Grand Traverse Leisure  Shelf above fireplace at Grand Traverse Leisure

Stone work for custom fireplace design at Grand Traverse Leisure  Wood in a fireplace at Grand Traverse Leisure

You can get a headstart on the design of your Regency wood fireplace by utilizing Regency's online Design Kiosk!



A Fitting Fireplace

In home Regency Fireplace Display In Home Regency Fireplace Model In Home Regency Fireplace Display Model

Regency Fireplace Display Model Regency Fireplace Display Grand Traverse Leisure Grand Traverse Leisure in Home model

Pick Your Power

The first step in the custom fireplace design process is figuring out what type of heating source is best for you and your home. Grand Traverse Leisure offers wood, gas, and pellet options to power your fireplace. Unsure of which is best for your needs? Contact our team of professionals directly at (231) 642-5999 or stop into our Traverse City location and we will assist you every step of the way!

The Power of Wood

Regency wood fireplaces and wood stoves are a classic way to heat your home and create that cozy atmosphere for reading a book, warming up from a chilly adventure outside, or snuggle up with a loved one. Get lost in the ambiance and crackle only a wood-powered product can provide. There are several options when it comes to heating with wood, including wood stoves and wood-burning fireplaces.

View Wood Stoves

Wood Stove Done By Grand Traverse Leisure  

Wood stoves are the heating source that creates a statement, with custom fireplace design options that allow the fireplace to stand out and become the focal point of the room or simply blend seamlessly into the current decor all the while providing warmth and an inviting atmosphere. 

Check out our available Inventory of Regency wood fireplaces! 

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Wood Fireplace Model Done By Grand Traverse Leisure  

In terms of wood-burning technology, you simply cannot top a fireplace. Our carefully designed wood fireplaces create airflow around the wood to cultivate a warm fire that burns the wood completely, utilizing every scrap of the log. With our design options of Regency wood fireplaces, you can create a classy and efficient heat source for your home with little ash and low emissions. 

Check out our available Wood Fireplace inventory!

The Power of Gas

For those who want to get the benefits and appeal of a wood stove but without the added effort of chopping wood, gas-powered heating is for you! Control is at your fingertips with gas inserts, stoves, and fireplaces.

View Gas Inserts

Gas Insert Fireplace done by Grand Traverse Leisure

Gas Inserts are perfect for integrating into already established fireplaces and convert the space into a consistent and controllable gas option. Our custom insert designs allow you to turn down your furnace and still keep warm, even during power outages! 

When considering a Gas Insert, you will want to make sure that your vision will fit your space. Click the video below for a step by step guide on how to measure your space for a gas insert. If you're looking for more gas fireplace ideas, come to our showroom!


Check out our Gas Insert inventory!

View Gas Stoves

Gas Stove In Home Display Done By Grand Traverse Leisure

Gas stoves provide the aesthetic and ambiance of the woodstove, without the hassle of chopped wood to feed the fire. Simply twist the knob or flip a switch and feel the convenience of gas warming your home. With options ranging from clean and modern, to timeless and traditional — Grand Traverse Leisure has the design to fit your humble abode.

Check out our available Gas Stove Inventory!

View Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplace Model Done By Grand Traverse Leisure

The most notable difference between gas and wood fireplaces is simple: gas doesn't require wood burning to produce heat. There are advantages to choosing gas fireplaces, too. A gas fireplace can be a safer and more consistent alternative for heating your Traverse City home.

Worried about a power outage in your area? Don't worry — all our fireplace products work without power!

Check out our available Gas Fireplace Inventory, or visit our showroom for more gas fireplace ideas!

The Power of Pellets

View Pellet Stoves

Pellet Stove Model Grand Traverse Leisure

Pellet stoves do not require a chimney or flue, so they can be a good option for your lifestyle. We are your Traverse City choice for pellet stoves for your home. These pellet stoves and pellet inserts produce little noise and the color can be chosen to fit your style. 

Check out our available Pellet Stove Inventory!