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Hot Tub Buying Guide


Owning a spa is like having your own personal self-care retreat. Hot tubs provide many health and well-being benefits and are perfect for relaxing year-round. 

Once you decide to invest in a new hot tub, choosing the right one can be a big task with many important factors to consider. We created this buying guide to help you make an informed, confident purchase and decision. 

Grand Traverse Leisure’s Hot Tub Buying Guide: 

Size and Capacity 

The first step is to determine how many people will typically use the hot tub at once. Hot tubs come in various sizes, ranging from small two-person tubs to larger models that can accommodate six or more people. It is also important to determine where you plan on placing and installing the hot tub. Measure the dimensions of your desired space and check its accessibility to water and electricity. 

Material and Durability

Decide what kind of material you would like your hot tub to be constructed of. We carry spas constructed of various high-quality materials including acrylic, fiberglass, wood, or rotomolded plastic. Materials are important for the hot tub’s durability, look, cost, insulation, and ability to withstand the elements. The type of material and quality it provides for insulation can also determine its energy efficiency level. Hot tubs consume a significant amount of energy, so opting for a tub with good insulation can help you save money in the long run. 

Water Filtration and Maintenance 

It is important to investigate the filtration system of hot tubs. Look for models with efficient filters and easy-to-use maintenance systems. There are different sanitizing systems on the market now, some that minimize the use of chemicals. Determine what cleaning method fits best for your needs and capabilities. 

Control Systems 

Another important factor is the control system. Find a hot tub with a user-friendly control system that allows you to easily adjust the temperature, jets, and other settings. New models have added features like being able to control your system from your phone, allowing you to heat up your spa long before you come home.  

Jets, Massage Features, and Additional Features 

Hot tub models all have different jet styles, pressures, and counts. Take time to think about what you want to get out of your spa. Do you want a gentle massage or targeted therapy for specific areas of the body? New models, like the Bullfrog A series offer the ability to customize your jet experience to your perfect jet pressure, layout, and size. 

Also consider if you have any desired accessories such as steps, cover lifters, LED lighting, built-in sound systems, or waterfalls. These features can enhance your hot tub experience but may add to the overall cost. Similarly, the more high-tech or advanced the jet experience, the more it will cost. 


The biggest factor for many people is the cost. Determine your budget and compare different models that fall within your range. It is important to remember to weigh the long-term costs of hot tubs, including operation, electricity, water, and maintenance. 

See Before You Buy

At Grand Traverse Leisure, we carry tons of models in our showroom and only allow our customers to buy in person at the showroom. This allows our customers to fully experience what they are buying. Our experts explain every feature of the models we carry allowing our customers to make the best decision for them. Come in and find your dream spa today!